Projects 2020-Bus Stops Enhancement and Restoration

Bus stops on Rosemont and Almonte Blvd.  

The ADIC sponsored Owen Bourdages, a Tamalpais High School student, to paint a mural on the bus stop wall at Rosemont and Almonte Blvd. We are very excited about this local artist making a work of art that we can all enjoy!

Here is what it looks like before and after the mural completion.  Thank you to the artist Owen Bourdages.


Before Updates

Rosemont Bus Stop Mural by Owen Bourdages

Rosemont Bus Stop Mural by Owen Bourdages

Historic Bus Stop Restoration

The historic bus stop in front of the parking lot of Redwood Security on the corner of Almonte Blvd and Wisteria has been there since the 1930’s and is an icon for Almonte residents.  With a volunteer community effort the bus stop has been painted, has had lights installed, and looks great with two donated planters that are gracing the front.  Currently Almonte neighbors are still interested in continuing this restoration project. The building is in need of further repair and could use improvements in the interior. The ADIC is simply acting as a nonpartisan facilitator to gather names and email addresses of people who are interested in helping with this project. If you are interested in joining others in our community please email the ADIC with your information.

Bus Stop Restoration

Work in progress with community volunteers


Bus Stop restoration

Bus Stop volunteer workers


Exterior Painting is completed.  Thank you Almonte volunteers!

Thanks to the beautification efforts of community volunteers for their attractive plantings and the donation of the matching planters.

Next Steps– Roof repair, finish interior painting, installing historic photos with an information board, and solar lighting.

The Almonte Club House is coordinating the restoration effort.  Please email us if you are interested in helping to finish the bus stop project by donating time or funds.                                      

Community volunteers are SUPERSTARS!