Pathways Projects 2022

2020 Projects

Julia to Cleveland Ave Path and Primrose Path Upgrades

The work is rescheduled to be cleared by CCC in the Fall 2020  according to CCC’s Frank Arzarga.

CCC Crews will work in the Almonte Improvement District repairing and improving local paths and trails, as to make them safer to pass by users and clearly define them for better and increased usage. Work to include vegetation management, tree trimming, tread work, step repair or installation and adding and tamping down gravel or other matter in low or wet areas.

ADIC signed a contract with California Conservation Corps in July 1, 2019 to clear the path.  The end date of the original contract was June 20, 2020 but no work was performed. The contract was renewed July 22, 2020 extending the end date of December 31, 2020.

Homestead to Morning Sun, cleaned up by Eagle Scout Thomas Ludin.

Morning Sun up to 5 Corners, cleaned up by Eagle Scout

Lark Lane to Primrose Path, maintained by neighbors

Primrose Path

Primrose Path Upgrade

Primrose Path Upgrade

Primrose Path Upgrade