Pathways Projects 2022




 Hey ALMONTE! Want to improve your street-to-street pathways? 




  If you live in the Almonte area and have an interest in helping improve the various street-to-street steps, lanes and paths in your neighborhoods please drop me a DM with your name and email address. I am going to be working to help develop a local Almonte initiative to mimic Mill Valley’s Friends of the Steps, Lanes and Paths volunteer group and need to understand if there are enough local Almonte residents who might want to support such an effort.




Also, if you know of existing pathways that are in need of TLC please DM me with the location of those. 








 1) Improve off-road pedestrian routes throughout Almonte




 2) Create better emergency egress routes for Almonte residents  




 3) Build Almonte community engagement between local residents via FUN local volunteering  




 Please share this with others who might not be on  




 Thanks, Hugh




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Update-March and April: 








In March 2022 Mill Valley Steps, Lanes, and Paths (MV SLP) Committee’s project was a big one, they cleared and cleaned a path behind Tam High. In April they tackled another project in Almonte that was on the Cardinal/Crimson Steps located between 150 Stanford Avenue and 131 Harvard Avenue. These volunteer parties have highlighted how much work needs to be done in the Almonte District.  




The best part is that MV SLP is willing to help us out! Almonte residents can join MV SLP to create a sister organization in our district. We can build on the experience gained within the Mill Valley city limits. The MV SLP committee is ready and willing to help kickstart our effort.  




Please consider joining in to make our neighborhood safer and more accessible. Contact or our Almonte resident liason, Lisa at  




The Almonte District Improvement Club wishes to thank MV SLP for their tremendous work effort in making these essential paths easily accessible for Almonte neighbors.  




Below is the map of the April project and photos from the Harvard and Stanford entrances.  




 Paths Map on projects which have been worked on in March and April 2022




 Update-May from Hugh Kuhn:


Hey Almonte! Look what the Tam HS Football Team has done for you!  


This morning, [Saturday May 7, 2022] about 30 Tam student athletes got a workout cleaning up a totally overgrown Accessway that runs from Cleveland at the top down to the intersection of Rosemont/Julia/Perry’s. This was a HUGE effort and major kudos to Coach LemMon and his players for donating a Saturday morning to the community! Great job gents.




If you live in Almonte and care about the public Accessways I’ve love to add you to a list of fellow neighbors who might help me work to protect them from encroachment, improve them and maintain the.


Just drop me an email with your contact info (name and email…)  to:  hughkuhn @  


Primrose Path Upgrade[/caption] Primrose Path Upgrade


2020 Projects

Julia to Cleveland Ave Path and Primrose Path Upgrades


The work is rescheduled to be cleared by CCC in the Fall 2020  according to CCC’s Frank Arzarga.

CCC Crews will work in the Almonte Improvement District repairing and improving local paths and trails, as to make them safer to pass by users and clearly define them for better and increased usage. Work to include vegetation management, tree trimming, tread work, step repair or installation and adding and tamping down gravel or other matter in low or wet areas.

ADIC signed a contract with California Conservation Corps in July 1, 2019 to clear the path.  The end date of the original contract was June 20, 2020 but no work was performed. The contract was renewed July 22, 2020 extending the end date of December 31, 2020.

Homestead to Morning Sun, cleaned up by Eagle Scout Thomas Ludin.

Morning Sun up to 5 Corners, cleaned up by Eagle Scout

Lark Lane to Primrose Path, maintained by neighbors

Primrose Path

Primrose Path Upgrade

Primrose Path Upgrade

Primrose Path Upgrade